Located in the heart of beautiful and peaceful coastal city of Da Nang, Rendez Vous By Charm Spa & Massage is proud to be listed as a favorite destination of domestic and international tourists.


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Customer Feedback

  • I'm go out with my friends near beach and see this spa. The staffs so nice, friendly and they have many treatment for body, i have many option, i like it. The massage also very good, i'm feeling better when i finish.


    M.r Jae

  • I'm super picky about my facials, so trust me when I say, Rendezvous by Charm Spa gives the best facials (I've found so far) in Danang. I purchased a 5-session package and have been here 3 times already. Each time, I was treated by a different therapist and all were consistently excellent. Today, I noticed that my therapist's name is Thai, so I'd like to give a shout out to her. Thank you!!


    Diana Truong

  • I really enjoyed spending time here. Massage, peeling and body mask vere great. Big thanks for additional head massage. I felt asleep twice, really relaxing


    Zoryana Kostynyuk


  • I'm so glad I came here and got a massage by Hoa, great massage, really professional and clean space!


    Ms Linh võ

    Attentive and professional

0902 814 617
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